Denmark shutting down entire oil industry to "change the weather"
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2020-12-15 05:00:24 UTC
The Economy is in big trouble regardless ; The EU's even
more so than the USA's. Covid (combined with idiocy) has
caused a LOT of damage, a LOT of debt. It may simply
be impossible to pay.

As for previously-sensible Danmark ... what's goin' on guys ?
The universe doesn't run on ideology. You have to have what
you have to have when you need to have it. Petrochemicals
WILL remain vital to that for a LONG time whether you want
to admit it or not.

I have some relatives over there. I'll have to contact them and
ask what the fuck is going on.
2021-04-28 03:53:21 UTC
Denmark is FUCKED.

Fucked thinking leads to a Fucked existence.

I thought the Danes were sensible ....

And EU ... you KNOW what is going to happen, don't you ?

Denmark will be FUCKED and then they will want YOU
to pay for it.