UK MP Assassinated in Public - But Something's Weird About It
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Mr. B1ack
2016-06-17 01:51:56 UTC
British MP assassinated in public


Recently elected MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death
in a public square today by a lone assassin.

"Mrs Cox, 41, is the first sitting MP to be killed since 1990, when
Ian Gow was the last in a string of politicians to die at the hands
of Northern Irish terror groups.

The man taken into custody was arrested in Market Street, not
far from Birstall Library where Mrs Cox was holding a constituency
surgery. He has been named locally as Tommy Mair."

According to one witness :

"When I looked round there's a man stood there in his 50s with
a white baseball cap on and a jacket with a gun, an old fashioned
looking gun in his hand," he said.

"He shot this lady once and then he shot her again, he fell to the
floor, leant over shot her once more in the face area.

"Somebody tried to grab him, wrestling with him and then he
wielded a knife, like a hunting knife, just started lunging at her
with a knife half a dozen times. People were screaming and
running from the area."

The killer was reported to be shouting something repeatedly
during the attack. Some witnesses said it sounded like
"Britain for the British" ... a slogan of groups pushing for
the UKs exit from the EU - the vote for which was soon to
come up.

Cox was against the UK leaving the EU ... but she was
the new girl, not particularly influential as of yet.

If this was what Mair was shouting then this case
becomes rather suspicious. First of all, it appeared
the vote was already slightly in favor of the "Brexit",
so all supporters of the measure had to do was sit
and wait for it to happen. Secondly, by attacking a
new, good looking, MP there may be a "sympathy vote"
on the part of some which will tilt the decision the other
way. Thus, it was totally illogical for any Brexit supporter
to do what was done. Something vaguely "un-British"
about the whole thing too.

So ... was Mr. Mair a total lunatic ... or did someone put
him up to this, someone who would lose a lot of money
or power in the event the UK broke ties with the EU ???
2016-06-17 12:18:49 UTC
On Thu, 16 Jun 2016 21:51:56 -0400
Post by Mr. B1ack
"He shot this lady once and then he shot her again
Looks like a fake story, everyone knows you can not
just get shot three times on a British street.