Oh Heavens No! Not that Too! Staggering Four Billion People May be Facing Water Scarcity.
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2016-09-26 14:03:42 UTC
A staggering four billion people may be facing water scarcity. A
new study shows that two out of every three people on our planet
simply do not have enough water to meet their basic needs.

"We find that four billion people live in areas that experience
severe water scarcity at least part of the year, which is more
than previously thought, based on those earlier studies done on
an annual basis," said Arjen Hoekstra, co-author of the new
study, in an interview with Tech Times.

This doesn't mean that we lack water in the world. In fact,
previous studies have shown that we have more than enough water
to cover all of our needs. Instead, the issue is getting the
water where it needs to go; water isn't available at all times,
and isn't always available in the places where it's needed.

In this latest study, the researchers compared consumption of
water to available water on a monthly rather than an annual
basis from around the world. The models, in particular, focused
on climate, land use, crop growth, irrigation, population
densities and industries, according to Voice of America.

In the end, the researchers found that the key to more
sustainable water use is to add consumer awareness and also
government allocation of water resources. Keeping these things
in mind is crucial for the future of water sustainability.

The findings are published in the journal Science Advances.


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2016-10-03 19:08:40 UTC
There is only one option for those four billion people who may be facing water scarcity and many other vital commodities to survive: Multiply much less.

Even many animals do not produce off-springs in lean years. But not humans. Humans are the most irresponsible animals on earth.

I call those four billion people surplus people; they exceed the resources the earth can provide for them to sustain their lives. Whose fault is it? Of course their parents who gave birth to them irresponsibly and without enough resources. And the parents were given birth by their own irresponsible parents. That goes to hundreds of generations back.

But humans in the middle of very bad natural disasters, droughts, wars, famines, etc. keep multiplying. They are only digging their own graves.

The only thing the well-to-do nations can do to prevent this is to educated those four billion people to prevent them from irresponsible behavior.

Those four billion people can only watch and learn from animals to behave responsible if they want to. If not, the mother nature has to, will teach them unfortunately.