PKK is a 'foreign pawn', Turkish parliament speaker says
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2015-10-11 02:38:12 UTC
If PKK is being steered by external powers (as Turkiye's Parliamentary Speaker Ismet Yilmaz claimed), why then is Turkiye not fighting against to those external powers that steer PKK the terrorist organization which murdered nearly 45 thousands innocent human beings in Turkiye and caused many tens thousands of billion dollars of damage to public and private property????



Terrorist PKK a 'foreign pawn', Turkish parliament speaker says


Turkey's Parliamentary Speaker Ismet Yilmaz claimed Friday that the PKK is being steered by external powers.

"The terrorist organization [PKK] is not domestic. It has become foreign forces' pawn," Yilmaz told Anadolu Agency's Editor's Desk. "How can killing innocent people be related to claiming rights?" he asked.

A former defense minister, Yilmaz stated that Turkey is in a very hard region, circled by problems.

"Terror will always exist. It is a cost of living in these geographies. But this nation has always saved its unity and solidarity despite the great powers and everything," he said.

He said that the nation does not support the PKK, adding: "The people have never taken its side. And the people will never take the [side of] a terrorist organization that became the foreign forces' pawn."

Yilmaz added that Turkish security forces' intelligence is very strong and it carries out operations in accordance with this intelligence to get concrete results.

"Turkey does what is necessary for the law," he said.

Renewed violence in Turkey has come in the wake of the July 20 Suruc massacre, blamed on ISIS. The subsequent PKK-linked murder of two Turkish police officers at their home sparked a new wave of conflict.

The fighting has seen the collapse of a fragile cease-fire which began early 2013 and was dubbed the "solution process".

Founded in the late 1978, the PKK is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the EU and the U.S.
2015-10-11 17:23:55 UTC
If it is bad for Turkiye, it is very good for its so called "democratic" Western allies. It has been exactly like that since the Ottoman times. That is why the so called "democratic - respectful to human rights and freedoms" Western powers provoked ottoman subject peoples in Northern Africa, Middle East, Balkans, helped them with money and weapons, made them hate Ottoman Turkish subjects unconditionally, rape, torture, massacre them and force them out of their homes by the millions.

Remember, Turkish subjects constituted not much more than twenty percent of the total Ottoman population. But killing them off would destroy Ottoman empire and eliminate their Moslem problem according to "democratic" Western powers.

This set up the foundation of troubles in the Middle East and Northern Africa now the whole world is trying to cope with.

That hatred established by the so called "democratic" powers against Turks and Turkiye during the Ottoman times is still going on. Still, if it is bad for Turkiye, it is very good for its so called "democratic - respectful to human rights and freedoms" Western allies.