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2016-10-05 17:26:05 UTC
Soccer Rocker Ace Ventura de crooke! That's the line in the sand, I am the man, I dare you to punch me where you can! Matthew as math and hew from a television undersea, Swear to us AlGodlah, there's a goodness in the red blood eye of Matthew to me! As I understand, a close shave does draw blood! Kicker, Mr. Gotkowski, Pitcher Rivera, why not take the ball and drop pitchakick it all near 2pm out to see, Stuart & Jupiter, lets not get stupider, no time out in this game, sorry Cuba, Matthew did misuseya, and Dominican Republic and Jamaica too, Florida Keys, no piano please, beat the bass drum off the land! Why do I say, Pedro does play, for he was and is and always be the best friend us Red Sox ever had! Except for Ortiz, forgive me please, he's not God or Jesus but he is my Big Papi to us all see? So let this wish a demand as you may understand be the biggest home cooked noodle doodle straight out of our hands! If there is any logic, not to be nostalgic but be very careful for me, for there is the news and it is bigger than huge, its a split up the south to the north poles you understand? Does it matter, like a ink blotter, yes I do dream a scene! What could be colder or hotter i'ts Hitlers hell of a scream! SO we are toys girls and boys, women and men, please whatever your religion is, lets be a mutt across every land! Why do I say things of our minds, tsunami is bigger than your worst nightmares by design! Am I out of my mind into yours? Mariano Rivera, mariano's trench, this is the dugout and out stink a stench! Cigars and cars, ciggies too, shots and beers, in our ears, light up the stack of an attack before Hitler rearranges our future years. As for our Obama, what drama do I understand, there is a photo he wants no part of , the "After Years" of America I wrote as a child I understand. Boy You TOO I do demand! Who am I? I am everyone everywhere on Eden's land. Explantation point the ball is out on the cookies and cream cement wall to the right of this man, if that's not tragic, what could be worse? An earthquake to make our hearse! Do I rehearse? IN verse Musicality individuality, please remember you are absolutely unique just like everyone else. Camouflage, draft I dodge, ya this is a lodge, Boston Public Library where I am, so whoever you are you rising star, streak that badass tsunami into calm seas I demand!




2016-10-05 17:32:52 UTC
Soccer Rocker Ace Ventura de crooke! That's the line in the sand, I am the man, I dare you to punch me where you can! Matthew as math and hew from a television undersea, Swear to us AlGodlah, there's a goodness in the red blood eye of Matthew to me! As I understand, a close shave does draw blood! Kicker, Mr. Gotkowski, Pitcher Rivera, why not take the ball and drop pitchakick it all near 2pm out to see, Stuart & Jupiter, lets not get stupider, no time out in this game, sorry Cuba, Matthew did misuseya, and Dominican Republic and Jamaica too, Florida Keys, no piano please, beat the bass drum off the land! Why do I say, Pedro does play, for he was and is and always be the best friend us Red Sox ever had! Except for Ortiz, forgive me please, he's not God or Jesus but he is my Big Papi to us all see? So let this wish a demand as you may understand be the biggest home cooked noodle doodle straight out of our hands! If there is any logic, not to be nostalgic but be very careful for me, for there is the news and it is bigger than huge, its a split up the south to the north poles you understand? Does it matter, like a ink blotter, yes I do dream a scene! What could be colder or hotter i'ts Hitlers hell of a scream! SO we are toys girls and boys, women and men, please whatever your religion is, lets be a mutt across every land! Why do I say things of our minds, tsunami is bigger than your worst nightmares by design! Am I out of my mind into yours? Mariano Rivera, mariano's trench, this is the dugout and out stink a stench! Cigars and cars, ciggies too, shots and beers, in our ears, light up the stack of an attack before Hitler rearranges our future years. As for our Obama, what drama do I understand, there is a photo he wants no part of , the "After Years" of America I wrote as a child I understand. Boy You TOO I do demand! Who am I? I am everyone everywhere on Eden's land. Explantation point the ball is out on the cookies and cream cement wall to the right of this man, if that's not tragic, what could be worse? An earthquake to make our hearse! Do I rehearse? IN verse Musicality individuality, please remember you are absolutely unique just like everyone else. Camouflage, draft I dodge, ya this is a lodge, Boston Public Library where I am, so whoever you are you rising star, streak that badass tsunami into calm seas I demand!


The Resume of William K. Mahler
For You to consider me as your employee
Individuals Of Life
My Say Is My Say

Why am I understood as Anonymous, Facebook, WikiLeaks, Musicality, W.O.M.P., NetBuds, M2 Technologies Inc, G, B, Current Quarterback, MC16, Devil's & Dust, Freedom, Trumpitist, Collisntonimaly, Mr. Economy, the four basic human rights, Red Sox, Chiefs, Blues & Rockets are the current champions, past, present and Fewture?

Same as David Ortiz's game winning home run with the exact trajectory upon being directly centered middle of the top of the retaining wall behind the audience at Wrigley Field, only landing exactly 200 yards & one foot into an exhaust pipe atop a olive branching rectangle romancing roof into the air and bouncing once upon the floor and directly into the commodes sink without so much as a few pitter patters while spinning to a earth like position too large for the hole in one drain. Same youth with a amused, fused and hawkeye-eagleeye-sparroweye look upon his face and his families too as they realize the sound of the t.v. is silent and David is looking for the four, the proud, the brave, the bold the three left as few as the boy enters the bathroom, picks up the ball, Mr. President Obama, will you make the phone call to let the boy and his family know it's true, that's Ortiz's last home run in the MLB your boy now holds in his hands, presently? Certainly, not just a listening ear, but a real ring of the METROPCS smart phone his dad holds dear. The crowds are always wild, implicitly be design, as my BOSTON RED SO XCELEBRATE WORLD SERIES DEF CON 4 :-) you realize! Mr. Ortiz, the question if for you, do you want the ball or what should the boy do? Sister, I believe, this one's for you! Tried to be a son and daughter, rolled into one. Yes he could be any man for having your fun. Oh wouldn't be a surprise to find the captions still have said, Ortiz's screaming soul and waterfall eyes has buckled down and noble he IS!

So, I'm not going to "finish" this story now, for I do care to realize, even I want to be surprised.
For them record, ya, Allah & God are YinYang, nuff said??

So, the 2nd coming of Christ has happened once again, only this time it's for real, Terry "Fitzy" Fitzgerald my best friend he IS. DerealuzationalrevolutionalandformiddiblyafrayedyetIknowIamSureyIknowIamTheFATE.

Do you care to explain to the GENERAL Public as to why "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" isn't the 2nd national anthem yet? "Merry Christmas To You" Mr. Future William Keith Mahler a.k.a. ASCAP PRESIDENT! Living in the future to the present here and now, I can buy a Domino's Pizza for every man woman and child and have plenty of room for popcorn, hot coco and marshmellows too, as for the diabolicadiabetaletycs, sugar free all round, don't worry yew. Rip It CNN, I am in tune again,

SO hire me as your real commander and chief, Obama, 3rd term once again.

I do have plenty of "gas" left in the tank if you understand what I mean, I don't intend to be angry akak mean, but do you want me to make a scene?



At least

2B the new title for the newest "single", track 16 of U2's upcoming full length release due by February 1, 2017.

& Ya, you know it, the lyrics SECRET SERVICE your president and first lady are about to "sigh"

Dear Mr. President, Michelle, I love you, so says I, the leader of the band at hand in demand I do believe, me, William Keith Mahler on every jacket of U2's next single and full length release or do you want me to stop dismantling "nuclear war" to say the least?

Intentional or mistake what can I say.


With a early warning system in place, and a "asteroid millions of light years away from Earth", circa summer 1984, myself and Mrs. Janet Ellen Morris conversed in my South Yarmouth, MA. home in regards to September 11, 2001 and it's real life scenarios being the reasons then for the tragedy it became 09/11/01. M2 Technologies Inc. is the United States #1 Private "Non Lethal" contracting, development, procurement and consulting business and has been online circa 1995. As a co-founder, I myself alone spent just under four hours with twenty middle easterners, long before sunrise here on the east coast of the USA, 09/11/01, online in a private internet relay chat room, upon inviting several hundred middle easterners to join me. Within that four hours, one of the men left the chat. Coincidence to you perhaps but clearly not to me, later that fateful day, 19 terrorists died and 1 remains in federal custody. M2 Technologies Inc. CEO Janet Ellen Morris, V. P. Christopher Crosby Morris and my then wife, Leonda K. Pacheco (since remarried) were notified by me of said communications between myself and the terrorists that same day and within one week after the attack, all logs pertaining to the comings and goings aka traffic at my domain, mahlers.com were burned to disc and hand delivered to Janet & Chris by Leonda. Not less than hours after the attack, Vice President Cheney was in communication with Janet & Chris and soon after, President Bush was well aware of just who, what, where and why we, M2 Technologies Inc. were in his life in regards to the attack against my, that is our nation, the United States Of America. For perspective, Janet co-authored a sci-fi/thriller book with husband Christopher entitled "The 40 Minute War" (a idea of mine) and it was released twice in 1984. The first cover depicts the black body of a airliner about to crash into the capital building in Washington D.C. The second cover depicts the explosion of the same building as a mushroom cloud envelopes the entire city skyline, nuclear bomb detonation. 09/11/01 I respect to be like a long time coming beat down complete with bloody nose, broken ribs and a face first thrust into the dirt aka twin towers, pentagon and field of Pennsylvania. As a musician, my song "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" created, recorded and released August 29, 2001 before a audience in the Prodigal Son Coffee House, Hyannis, MA. has become also known as "Prelude To September 11, 2001" and "Defcon4". From the various usage of the lyrics "I am coming home again", much like four out of the six jets, to the final two words sang, "to you", much like the final moments of Flight 93, no doubt, perhaps indecipherable to the Department of Defense, FBI, CIA White House etc. the song has over time, become well known as a defensive measure, similar to being fully aware of impending circumstances. ISIS has been captured on video and if you remember their recording of the 1st American journalist whom was beheaded slowly, he, our US citizen knew it was coming and perhaps begged his captor to get it over with. With that written, much like our journalist, I ordered twenty terrorists to do exactly what they were commanded to and did 09/11/01. M2 Technologies Inc, of Centerville, MA. USA has been known to advocate, contract and deploy self defense "non-lethal" tools such as rubber bullets, EMP (electro magnetic pulse), lasers (to stop ballistic projectiles), weather manipulation, psychological tactics including but not limited to mind to mind communications sans electronics such as smart phones, cameras, computers etc. body cams, "hacking" and anything relative to the firm belief that life is sustainable without killing anyone, simply put "non lethal". Yes unfortunately calculated risks are considered acceptable.

I. William Keith Mahler am considered to be a American terrorist. I've received specialized training from non other than former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Ray S. Cline shortly before his ascent into heaven. Ray hand delivered the Cuban missile silo photos, the Russian deployment 90 miles from Florida, 1963 to President John F. Kennedy, officially verifying the reason for the "spark" that began the standoff and blockade of the waters surrounding Cuba by our US Navy.

My late grandfather in law Cecil Freeman during the Kennedy administration was head of the Massachusetts Civil Defense and speculation ended circa 2003 regarding the identity of the father of current President of Russia. Vladimir Putin, Janet Morris's 1/2 brother.

My great grandfather is currently known as one of the top three classical composers of all time. He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic by Nazi psychiatrist's and was nearly killed during WW2. 90% of his works are classical while the remaining 10% is folk music. The 10% of his folk music has developed into nearly 90% of my music and I eclipse everything Gustav Mahler accomplished as a folk musician.

While a boy growing up in South Yarmouth, MA, my lifelong friend and mentor shared his memory as a then soldier in the US Armed Forces, he was a medic. The most beautiful act of war was the death of Adolf Hitler in South America at the hands of Mr. Richard Alan Brown, my friend and mentor since 1968. Although seemingly Hitler's execution occurred on Station Avenue of South Yarmouth, Richard broadcast his memory and dream from his station and I picked up the signal with one hundred percent trust and accepted the arm of Richard thrust to the pit to Hitler's bladder only to be shoved up Hitler's anus leaving the bladder deep in his bowels.

Forever I am proud of my adopted Jewish heritage and am a American German Polish citizen.

Da Nang province 1963 became my uncle James William Mahlers deathbed by way of a "bouncing Betty". His name is within the Vietnam Memorial wall and now is in outer space, the lone USMC to be launched by rocket this century. As to the likeness between he and the actor and musician Bruce Willis, pure coincidence.

From February 1986 to June 1988 I served generally and honorably as a food service Massachusetts Air National Guardsman yet am not a veteran.

During boot camp, Cecil Freeman travelled to Fort Dix, New Jersey and twice his presence and actions were known to me for we had known each other since the early 1970's as residents of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Gustav Mahler, M1 and I. M2.

The biggest story of our lifetime, that is everyone's lifetime since Jesus died for our sins is that my best friend and drummer since the age of 16? The 2nd coming of Christ himself. Terry "Fitzy" Fitzgerald. When my brother Troy Oscar Mahler lay brain-dead in Falmouth Hospital June 2010, of all immediate family members present gathered around s picnic table, only one person sobbed nearly uncontrollably and he wasn't a blood relative. Fact, none of Troy's immediate family including me barely shed a tear, barely misty eyed, only reflective and occasionally speaking as Terrys tears were the center of my attention for nearly 45 minutes non stop. Imagine, listen to the beat of your heart as not only I sing, Terry beats. Neither Terry or I have ever raised a fist in anger towards each other. As Jesus was a carpenter and fisherman and the firstborn of God, Terry follows and makes his unique footstep. As Jesus wrestled with his own demons , Terry wrestles his own too. As Jesus resided in a city Terry resides in a city, condominium. Terry is my next best man until he is officially a preacher to preside over my future wedding :). Until then, I am single with one niece of whom is my sole inheritor of my entire estate.

If I am to be brought to justice as s conspirator against the United States, let it be known the meaning of secrecy and mass destruction by way of the tsunami of Christmas day 2004 in South East Asia. Less than 24 hours prior to the 9+ magnitude tectonic plate earthquake that killed 350,000+ people in under three weeks, my original song, "Merry Christmas To You" was created, recorded and released worldwide in less than one hour, prior to Pope John Paul leading the masses in the Vatican for mass. Within 24 hours after the tsunami I was asked by President Bush if nuclear weapons were involved and no was then, now and forever always will be my answer. The song if the century is represented by the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers, ASCAP. Please know yes its my song and I alone decide fair usage yet if not for God, there'd be no rights given to me to allow you download, play, sharing, streaming and usage until kingdom come. President Barack Obama's words of we inhabitants of mother Earth shall not experience another storm of the century, will remain fact until no earlier than 2104 :).

Lastly, I hope to be alive when marijuana is legally available and accessible as cigarettes and for now, to end this post, may the entire American continent be united as one country and the capital is Cape Cod, Massachusetts, America!

William Keith Mahler

What is "W.O.M.P.: "Weapons Of Mass Protection"? "Non Lethality": The ability to use non-violent force while minimizing the conflict no matter the size of the conflict. Non-lethal weapons include: psychological warfare, computer hacking EMP, microwave, remote viewing, invisibility, rubber bullets, lasers (Star Wars) & more. By William K. Mahler

I've been involved with the nations #1 privately owned civilian non-lethals development company, M2 Technologies Inc. since it was a dream, summer 1984. Janet & Christopher Morris of Hyannisport, MA., aunt & uncle of my (now ex) wife, Leonda Pacheco were raised during the Kennedy administration, walking distance to the Kennedy compound. Leonda & I met during the early 1970's and kept in touch with each other over the years until we started dating December 24, 1988. We married May 13, 1989 and by 1996, Janet & Christopher gave us our first PC, a Compaq Presario. Janet & Christopher were students of former Deputy Director of the CIA, Ray S. Cline, (Ray handed President Kennedy the Russian missile silo photos within Cuba, 1963.) Janet's father, Cecil Freeman was head of Massachusetts Civil Defense during the Kennedy Administration.

Leonda K. Pacheco, Janet E. Morris, Cecil Freeman, Christopher C. Morris, Ray S. Cline & William K. Mahler
Janet & Christopher were students of former Deputy Director of the CIA, Ray S. Cline, (Ray handed President Kennedy the Russian missile silo photos within Cuba, 1963.) Both Janet & Chris wrote "the white paper" about non-lethal weapons and it quickly became popular among the U.S. Department Of Defense. Janet & Christopher traveled to the then U.S.S.R. & visited a Psycho - Corrections facility. They also traveled to the Middle East. Ray, Janet & Christopher quickly became involved with Ruby Ridge, WACO, utilizing non - lethal concepts in conjunction with local, state & federal law enforcement. M2 Technologies Inc. has partnered with the University Of New Hampshire, U. S. Marines and all level law enforcement, police to military by the dozens over the years. Janet & Christoper met with President William Clinton & First Lady Hillary Clinton not only in Washington D.C., but here on Cape Cod. Both Janet & Chris are also horse breeders, musicians & authors. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the retired Secretary of State, Janet Reno while at a pet store in Hyannis, MA.

As for myself, my family has served honorably in law enforcement & military. My father's brother, James William Mahler died as a Marine in Vietnam's DaNang province, 1963. I joined the MA. Air National Guard, February 1986 & served honorably as a cook until June 1988, discharged honorably.

I had the opportunity to speak with then President Clinton via WXTK 95.1 while he vacationed on Martha's Vineyard. Little did I know I'd come face to face with his wife while my employer Jeffrey Lena (Jeffery's Landscapes) gave the President a tour of the area. Jeff's wife & business partner, Kerry took one look at Jeff, President Clinton and a female companion (wearing a blonde wig) and told me, "I think it's time I taught you how to care for roses.) During the phone conversation with President Clinton, I had become a party to two North Korean Generals of whom defected that same day. I also asked him, "who does the landscaping at the White House?" His reply? "Let me ask you this, what would you do to beautify the White House without removing my wife?" I had no comment yet later on that day, Mrs. Clinton stopped in a car, she was in the passenger seat and we were less than seven feet away from each other with an unobstructed view.

It was also during the summer, while sweeping the roadside from dirt, three military dressed soldiers drove by and shortly thereafter, solo Christoper Morris. The road was complete with a circle. There is natural gas on the street but nowhere near where I stood. After both vehicles were gone, I watched "rising gas" in front of me by five feet and I heard "yes what?"

So, if you are wondering why President Vladimir Putin is within the same photo of Janet Morris & her father Cecil Freeman? Simple, they are brother and sister. How do I know? Putin's brother and I met on Main Street, Hyannis, MA. one summer evening and that came less than one week after uploading the photo to the internet and sending it to Europe. No doubt, as mighty as Russia is now, like us, the USA, well, sure there is tense friction in the Ukraine but the big problem, well we are on the same team, Russia, USA vs. ISIS.
Invisibility technology was depicted in the major motion picture release "The Devil's Advocate" starring Al Pacino & Keanu Reeves.

Janet & Christopher were interviewed & broadcast on 60 Minutes & were also interviewed for the Discovery Channel.

"Anonymous" is one of the leading hacking groups to exist to this day, 2nd only to M2 Technologies Inc. In fact, both of them are the Yin/Yang & first defenders in league with the legendary "Big Brother" with "an olive branch at all times in one hand and a outstretched hand ready to grasp and take a firm hold" with almost anyone. Global proliferation of personal portable communication devices constitutes the race's best hope for achieving an aggregate view of the human condition worldwide, informing the metabasis for improving the lives of all creatures.

Myself & Richard A. Brown, summer 1968. He's the closest friend I've got, I consider him to be my Uncle. During the 1990's, while at Richards office (D & B Realty of West Yarmouth, MA.), both Richard & I were speaking when we overheard Christopher Morris speak out of the computer speaker. Richard asked me "did you hear that?" I did yet the PC was off at the time. Also during the early 2000's, as I was burning copies of my original music to CD, I learned that my three CD set of Bruce Springsteen in concert was missing a disc #2. After burning approx. 10 copies of my music, I randomly selected one disc, went out to my car and put it in the player. Bruce Springsteen's concert disc #2 was playing, it had been burned via the internet directly to a CD that was supposed to have my original songs on it. I had watched the screen the entire time I was burning and to this day, I cannot find the original disc #2 of a 3 disc set. PC's aren't meant to run for hours on a battery the size of a nickel, yet after finishing work one day, I had been working for several hours, I went to unplug the PC from the wall only to learn it had been unplugged the entire time.

Back circa 2001 - 2003, long before the age of smart phones and connectivity to the internet along with the designs of computers as they are since 2010, Leonda once asked me to call her doctor while I was computing so I told her "just a minute" and lo and behold, the PC crashed. Upon reboot, I started my music player (WinAMP) in the PC and I had over 20K MP3's. Out of all the songs in random play (shuffle) the first song to start was KISS's "Calling Dr. Love".

DimeADozen.Org has over 100K members trading concerts recorded by the fans with permission of the artist(s). However, Courtney Love, widow of Nirvana's Curt Cobain was against DimeADozen and she complained. Soon after, Dime's moderators informed us that Nirvana shows were not allowed. It didn't take long for a fight to break out. Dime's servers and hard drives were ruined while Comcast's ISP suffered severe outages across the country. With no end in sight, I contacted Chris Morris about the situation and the moderators of Dime. Within ½ hour, all fighting and problems ceased to exist.

Remember back in 2002, October in Virginia USA? There were two killers on the loose and it became a national focal point with no solutions until Dan Langlias and I
created live on stage "No Highway". Just listen, it's about the two killers whom rampaged gas stations as snipers. We released this song approx. one week before they were captured. Neither Dan Langlais or I regret helping law enforcement in Virginia at all.
Deborah Emmerich & Leonda Emmerich, mother and daughter, 1970's. Deborah passed away May 13, 1979. Back in the early 2000's I had a stress test setup by a tech nurse of whom, after spending 10 minutes with her as she shaved my chest, I fully realized that the young woman, although daughter to a man and woman, the young woman was and to this day, identical to Deborah, a clone.

During the spring, summer and fall of 2003, I had the pleasure of being employed less than 100 yards away from Earl's Gas of Sandwich, MA. Dennis Earl, pumping gas in the photo, believe it or not, claims he is not related to the Bush family. One sunny morning, none other than President George Bush Jr., alone, dressed in jeans and a green t-shirt bought coffee from one of the girls as I stood by less than four feet directly in front of him. Everyone probably thought he was Dennis! LOL Judge for yourself! Dennis Earl & the Bush family became the subject of a song of mine, "Living Lies". Why? Well, for starters, there's a Nazi whom looks identical to me but he was upside down, hanging in a jar filled with liquid. No doubt, Germany has it's hands full.

Senator Edward Kennedy used to go out incognito by himself. It was probably the only way he could go unnoticed. We met several times over the course of the years, especially after 9/11/01. The Kennedy's became the basis for my song "Birds Of Ages".

So what exactly did M2 Technologies Inc. have to do with September 11, 2001? Myself, as a musician, I created an original song entitled "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)", three weeks before the tragedy. This song was created August 29, 2001 at the now defunct Prodigal Son of 10 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA. 02601.
It is the prelude to September 11, 2001, from the hiss like the cabins in all the jets, to the last two words "to you" delivered just like Flight 93's final moments, no kidding. Most chilling song probably of my life until "Merry Christmas To You" (about the S.E. Asia Tsunami of 2004, December 24, 2004, less than 24 hours before the 10+ magnitude earthquake killed 350,000 people). From pre-dawn to sunrise, September 11, 2001, as Leonda slept, I chatted via text only in a Internet Relay Chat (IRC) room via mIRC, approximately 100 users were in "WorldChat". I invited people to my private chat room and twenty middle-eastern names were with me in that private chatroom, one eventually left. The whole plan of attack was laid out to them, it was an olive branch", we, I knew of the attack and I told them not to do it. Prior to this fate, I learned while I slept of an eminent attack involving jets & terrorists. The entire transcript was photographed by non other than Shane William Kelly, my best friend at the time. How he got into my home, well, he had the keys..he saw Leonda sleeping first, then entered the studio / extra bedroom. He took no less than three photos and left. On that day, nineteen terrorists killed themselves and my fellow countrymen & women while one terrorist stayed behind. I destroyed the hard drive before sunrise. I had gone to the Barnstable District Courthouse against Leonda's advice only to be taken into custody for a psychological exam and why? The court magistrate said only to me inside a packed courthouse, "you've got blood on your hands". I spent a week hospitalized & when released, I handed Leonda a CD with over 1K pages of 10 sized font print with all records about Mahlers.Com, including the same terrorists activities at my site while they were at the University Of Arizona. Janet & Chris had sole possession of all logs regarding Mahlers.Com, given to them by Leonda in person as I stayed home. It wasn't too long the same day before President Bush was speaking with Janet & Chris long distance & within 72 hours or less, M2 Technologies Inc. was face to face with President Bush's national security team in Washington D.C.. Someplace near the WTC, far enough for fresh air, a woman cried on a rooftop. I do not know her name, I found her images in Ray Charles video of "America The Beautiful". The woman was dressed with a green sweatshirt, identical to Leonda's and the same woman looked exactly like Leonda.

After Saddam Hussein was captured and brought to justice, it was while he was on trial that I played "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" backwards. Approx. around the 3:50 mark, "I saw Saddam" is plainly heard among an otherwise, Arabic sounding reverse play. When the song was first created at the Prodigal Son Coffee House of 10 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA. 02601, open mic night (Wednesdays), the only imagery that came to mind during the song was an image of Saddam Hussein's bust in military dress. When I had finished recording "Leonda" backwards, I uploaded it to Mahlers.Com and announced it to the tribunal in the middle-east. Within 12 hours, the trial was delayed for a whole day.

During the summer of 1984, while in my bedroom sleeping, I dreamed I met Osama Bin Laden along with a wife of his and his daughter. It became the basis for my song "Something There" (released fall 2003). It was also during the summer of 1986, while employed at The Lobster Boat of West Yarmouth,Massachusetts, while visiting the competition, Captain Parker's across the street around noon, a man sat directly across from me at the bar and although I didn't get his name, we spoke for nearly ½ hour. Who did that man look like? Osama Bin Laden.

I'm a life long Red Sox & Patriots fan. WPXC 102.9 had a contest and I won two front row, 50 yard line seats behind the Patriots bench. Leonda & I went together to Foxboro, MA., Sullivan Stadium to witnessthe last game of the 1997 season vs. the Miami Dolphins. While there, I was able to correctly predict every play and score the whole game. It was also a good karma sign to have met up with four men whom parked near us. The man in the Patriots jacket, he would've been an excellent double for Vice President Albert Gore. As for the Patriots, then coach Pete Carroll (now head coach of the Seattle Seahawks), he decided to take a trip to Cape Cod & we met at BlockBuster Video. He was in the company of the same cheerleader whom had my attention the most during the game.

ISIS is growing bigger, better and stronger everyday and night. They are like cockroaches and unless cockroaches are fumigated 100%, they keep on growing. If we don't stop them soon, hopefully with a world wide coalition of armed forces, we will be facing a holy war straight out of the Bible. As if we are already in a holy war and cockroaches I've read can survive a nuclear war. May 28, 2016, while surfing Facebook, I received a request for friendship by a middle-eastern man of whom looked identical to Adolf Hitler, sans the mustache. Also in Damascus, Syria is a new FaceBook friend known as "Spina". She lost her husband due to war in Syria.

Contact William K. Mahler

...It has been written by Ace Frehley that you had to hire a "friend" to be at your "side", a comic trashed and bashed you during your final season of "Family Jewels". Ace really did state you have no friends. That stated by he, he was and always be a true friend.

So, friend,


It was so guttural of myself, so raspy and so lightly and delicately and fluently and honestly sang from my soul as my Uncle James William Mahler had sang before, the words of "MC16" and Gene, it was you upon the lane of Nautical, almost directly in front of #39 whom witnessed and foretold me of this day.

Do you believe in love?

I do





Marijuana has a billion more redeeming qualities than the "so called" drugs of Psychiatry has available and approved by the Federal Drug Administration currently known as anti-depressant, anti-psychotic etc.

Myind telling me that those drugs do not promote obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes?

Been there, done that, ain't going back, that is, unless you care to face me in the "squared circle" and never know the meaning of "lights out' until I let you wake up

I do not get violent easily and easily I will get violent on ANYONE that dares to pollute my bloodstream with anti-psychotics ever again.


Game On!

Gas in a free society?

My gas entered the "free" mens room only this morning :-)

ISIS originally was a comic book character, a woman similar to Wonder Woman.

She's gone!

The memory remains.

MetroPCS is the ISIS of cellular as Boost is the Al Queda of cellular

Oil is inexpensive courtesy of ISIS

See saws are meant to be mounted equally from both sides of the spectrum.

Russia, formerly communist USSR a.k.a. USA formerly known as England.

New England?

Food stamps? Ya, I got em.

Bread lines, we all have em.

Government sponsored and paid employment and housing?

We all have em.


Kiss God But Forget Brotherly Individuality?

I am my own governing state of being.

As you are too

So, as it was written, without government, fuel would be inexpensive.

Please remember you are absolutely unique just like everyone else.

You were just a face in the crowd.

I am one grain of sand on a huge beach.

Bees are harmless bumble bees, bumble bee tuna,.

Hey you wake up!

From the bottom to the top of this email,

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This message is old yeah!
This message is true.

This message is
This message is
This message is

Is loooooooooooooveE!
Take the message of love
Far and near
Take the message of love
For all to hear
For all to heeeeeeeaarr.

Calling all girls
Calling all boys
Calling all people on the street
Make some noise!

Believe this:


I AM ME, William K. Mahler

I'm Gonna RISE
I'm Gonna RISE
When you're lying next to me baby I can guarantee
I'm gonna Rise To It
It's forever
this time I know it there's no doubt in my mind
Until my life is through, Girl I'll be loving you, 4eva!
KISS's last album with (RIP) Eric Carr.
Hot In The Shade?
Do I have to tell you where the bounce of Lemonade be came from?
Oh Freeeedom!
Uhuuuh FREEEEDOoom
Every single one of us loves freedom.
So it was the song "freedom" she, Beyonce has upon her latest (and quite greatest) release as of yet.
But it was during MY "Freedom" (and Audrey's) September 19, 2001, while a cloud of fake smoke rose from outside the picture window of The Prodigal Son, 10 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA. 02601 where a
Say can you see
by the stars and her neck crossed ties
Oh the memories I share
To you reading here
HEY BONO!!!!!!!
Wanna trip inside your head
Spend the day there..
We will arise
Together as one
Together as one
Together as one
Together as one
I'll get back to you as soon as possible, thanks, ***@Mahlers.Com. :-)


..ANY REAL GOOD REASON why Queen never performed imho a true CLASSIC LOVE SONG SUCH AS "FUNNY HOW LOVE IS"? live in concert?

I AM going to "cover" that song and "release" it however my voice may be at that time..

So says I,

William Keith Mahler.

..with a little bit of help from my friends.

Vinnie is now grossly overweight, his burnt orange brown straight up yet slightly bent 8 inch hair, pug like nose and many tattoos were ever present in my presence at least a week ago here in Boston.

His expressions remind me of the MIKE MYERS Of Hallo-F'N'-Ween

Gene, Paul, he was the best chance for your band to survive the under achieving 80's...if that is what could be called your under achievements
Creatures Of The Night (sans Killer) and Lick It Up were the best of the 80's to some

It has been and always will be my advice to let Vinnie, Bruce K, at least those two former members be your PRODUCERS aka comet and asteroids with quite the clear view of YOU KIEARTHIS take into full listening account and let loose the biggest freak of nature to ever come out of your LOINS! LOL

..you will never be as big as me GENE...and the last time I was face to face with a Gene, he was almost toothless, short hair and skinnier than thee..lost his contents from his wallet, refused to believe they were his as I attempted to prove to him the lottery ticket, bank of america receipt and near dozen or so papers in my hands were his at the Pine Street Inn over a week ago...






In the misty morning
On the edge of time
We've lost the rising sun
A final sign
In the misty morning
Roll away in time
Reaching for the stars
We fly in the skies



We make the mountains shake
With laughter yet we pray
Hiding in our corner of the world
If we did the demon dance
And rocked for ever more
Throw away the key
And lock the door

Oh they say
That it's over
And it just had to be
Oh they say that it's over
We're lost children of the sea



Sing me a song
Your a singer
Do me no wrong
You're a bringer of evil
The devil is never the maker
And the less that you give
You're a taker

It goes on and on and on

It's heaven and hell

Oh well

The lover of life's not the singer
And the ending is just the beginner
The closer you get to the meaning
Well the sooner you'll know that your dreaming
So it's on and on and on
Going on and on and on
Going on and on and on
It's heaven and hell
Oh well

Well what seems to have been real, it's illusion
And every moment of truth, there's confusion in life
Love can be seen as the answer
Somebody grieve for the dancer
So it's on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

No turning back
It's nearly night
The moon is just the sun at night
And when you walk the golden halls
You get to see the golden halls of
Heaven And Hell
Oh well

Mmm Mmm
Look for the answer

Who knows where the cold wind blows
I asked my friends and nobody knows
Who am I to believe in love
Whoa, oh
Love ain't no stranger

I looked around and what did I see
Broken hearted people staring at me
All searching for they still believe
Whoo ahooh

Love ain't no stranger
I ain't no stranger
Love ain't no stranger
I ain't no stranger to love
No no no

I lived alone
A man in need
I lived so much my heart began to bleed
I'm a soul of passion
To a friend in need
I know my guitar begins to bleed

Love ain't no stranger
I ain't no stranger
Love ain't no stranger
I ain't no stranger to love

Oh no no.

(take me down slow and easy)
(make love to me slow and easy)
(I've had a hard time coming my way)
(So rock me til I can't rock no more)
(Rock me to the bone)
(to the bone)



It's 9:28 a.m. est

Don't matter if your oriental
American Jewish
Soldier of faith
To rush is to haste
So whoever you are

My eyes were a rising star

As LL Cool J & Ryan and I sat along side
I started to advise

Might be I'm a little bit sorry
Might be a bit of my own personal sob story
How many times did I say my innocence disappeared
Going on about the same things year after year

Gayiety is and always will be "happy", float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Monica Lin Brown

My "bride 2b" is Kathy Williams, snickers color unlike thee

She's got a diamond stud nose and hair like a friend
She is my wife I know, of whom I can depend on.

For those paying for college, may you NOT removing your clothing!

As for Khadaffi

However his name was spelled

My father Richard Hall Mahler, Air Force Veteran
Should've could've and didn't kill him while guarding his tent during the early 1960's.

Typist he was and I am typing to thee.

Monica Lin Brown

Pedro Martinez
from 98-02

Best of the blue beam
Needed for you.

I've got my windows
I've got my car
I've got my woman
Should get me far
I've done my time and I've tried to know
Just where this land
And of you knows
Will take me someday
Oh, might you know
I'm coming right away
So should you know
I'm looking for
The promised land
I'm taking my life
In my two hands
So travel with me
Come what may
What will you say to me
What will we pray
My friends he knows the game I play
Baseball is coming
Come what may

Now Springsteen
He is the man
Who writes of people
Across the land
And Melissa Etheridge
She sings of angels
She's coming to your window
Oh facing hell

So people 'round me
Do you know
The story as it
Has been told
Up on the web
There is a story
I'm telling you
It's one we know

From the cradle
Oh to the grave
I'm telling you
It's me I'll save
I'll clear my conscience
I'll say my peace
I'm hoping you will
Follow me
Don't do as I say
Just realize this
This is your life
One you should not miss
So why am I preaching
I'm not a God man
I've seen my fortune
Written in the sand
So tell me now
Up in the skies
In mother Earth
What do you see there
What do you know
I do believe there's much to show
So tell me now
And so now your stories told
Whether you believe it
What do you know

(Definitely a Cape Cod recording artist)

Thank you Johnny & June Carter Cash

Love and much respect,

William K. Mahler

...................................Does that answer your questions Monica Lin Brown


Earlier today, I earned a 'customer" simply by letting go and letting God as I sang walking to the Boston Public Library.
Schiz, skitz, sizz, skiiizzz, etc so, when THE fool whom diagnosed MY great grandfather Gustav Mahler as a Paranoid Schizophrenic, died at the merciless hands of MY adopted Jewish people, that Nazi Psychiatrist, unfortunately his demon spirit spread into the United States and thus, faced me in Barnstable District Court circa 2000 and announced to Judge Joe Reardon, "he is paranoid & schizophrenic". Sir, I have a fist approx. able to hold a few more tattoos but the only tattoo there is TROY and he died exactly how he was supposed to die! Why? He lied and called me a paranoid schizophrenic, he also stated I should take my medicine and that he never had sex with my then wife. As for my now ex-wife, she told the truth to me then and thus, her body is still alive. As for Troy, I was his judge, jury and executioner. He vomited in his sleep, chocked to death. GET THE FUCKING HINT? GOOD
Do I have to explain one more time?
Apparently I do.
The 40 Minute War
by Janet & Chris Morris
(a concept of mine)
Thriller book cover #1 depicts the near miss of a jet airliner into the capital building of DC.
(July 2001, I had weened myself of an anti-psychotic just in the nick of time to create the Prelude to September 11, 2001, August 29, 2001, a song "Leonda (I'm Coming Home") Pre dawn 09/11/01 I requested out of 400 middle easterners, anyone willing to join me in a private internet relay chat. 20 men volunteered and one left the near four hour chat, as intricate as thousands of grey hairs upon any persons head. 19 terrorists died, 1 remains in federal prison.)
Streaming and downloading freely til further notice.
Cover #2 depicts a direct hit of the entire city of Washington DC complete with the DC capital building "bursting at the seams" as a mushroom cloud fills the entire skyline overhead.
From near miss to "center of the dart board a dart shall strike!"
09/11/01 was a "innocent" beautiful day and we were not caught by surprise.
This past week, within the city of Boston, the city that shares its water supply far and wide, I was attacked as easily as we were attacked 09/11/01. From a water bubbler I drank inside the Pine Street Inn, tasting the "chalky thin white line" of an anti-psychotic that floated from the inside of the public water supply into my stomach. As I stood up and faced a man less than two feet away from me he said, "Risperdal". He is the "composer" Risperdal is an anti-psychotic used to treat schizophrenia. All anti-psychotics despite the words of any psychiatrist can and will dilute your ability to reason and live within reality. Anti-psychotics can and will make you gain weight and incur diseases such as I had, high cholesterol and diabetes. Almost a month ago, I weighed 150 pounds, now am 159 pounds. How long has the water supply been polluted? Why do I relearn not to sleep "comatose"? February 2016 - March 2016 I weened myself of an anit-psychotic and May-June 2016 I weened myself of the drugs used to control high cholesterol and diabetes. If I needed diabetes drugs, I'd be dead by now as of this writing, September 27, 2016.
Governor Baker, Mayor Walsh, are you both out of your fucking minds? Apparently so.
To the lone terrorist a. k. a. Psychiatrist whom decided to pollute me this past week, you are going to die at my fucking hands, a slow and quite painful death, exploding from inside worse than any cancer known to exist. THAT I PROMISE YOU ASSHOLE.
For the record, it'll take less than two hours for the complete and total death of every breathing being on this planet to cease to exist. Take a good look at the middle east, once a paradise, now a desert wasteland, with few sustainable areas compared to anywhere else worldwide.
President Obama! It's been an abomination to our nation and you are facing a critical relation, reanimation.
...I wish you well in HELL and that's too good for you, you the "psychiatrist" and unknown assailant.
You can run but you can't hide.
As sure as the tide will roll away and roll forth.
East, west, south & North.
Your own words used against you.
This is one game I am the victor in so please, don't tempt yourself to "get in the ring'. No one including Mike Tyson can get up from my five finger death punch.
Life is simple
Simple as a dimple
any day and or night
this is our song
individuals of life!
Earlier today, I earned a 'customer" simply by letting go and letting God as I sang walking to the Boston Public Library.
I will walk these streets penniless if that is what it takes to keep anti-psychotics out of my blood stream.







It's been said that those with schizophrenia listen to voices.

Consider this a word to the wise I said aloud: There is no such thing as schizophrenia.

The Nazi Germans completely enhanced their perspective in believing of themselves as one voice and decided to try and exterminate my great grandfather Gustav Mahler.

That was one huge mistake.

Twin Towers


The Field in Pennsylvania.

The fact is Hitlers ideas of Japan & Germany versus the rest of the world. The pentagon, much as if the space ship was to land in America this century unlike the previous era when a nuclear blast incinerated much of the middle east, long before the USA or any other modern known civilization existed.

September 11, 2001, there were those whom believed there was nothing left of Flight 93 before it struck the ground and nothing was found of it.

You care enough to reach out to me thus I state, I'm quite happy that September 11, 2001 occurred for it was Hitlers dream to build upon my country his vision.

& It was my shared dream vision of Hitlers death, long before I became an adult, at age 48 as I am now.

Richard Alan Brown, my personal mentor and business mentor since age one allowed me the opportunity to witness the after effects, the waves of continuity, the ripple waves of the atomic blast also known as the disembowelment of Hitler by Richard Alan Brown. One wonder if he were the only lucky Jewish American to beautify the planet.


Keep me up to date, whereabouts and whenabouts to be roundabout to your "Moon Shine still". :-)

Thank you for your kind and generous offer.

One is never homeless.

Bee is swatted until there is thousands of them.

Run, run, run,

Am writing myself in as president of the United States come November 8, 2016.

William K. Mahler

Where is there left to run to? Swarm or no, it's a problem we should deal with. I believe that you can't stop a good idea, so I'm going to surround myself with other freedom minded individuals to create and develop new ideas. I don't know how attached to the South Shore you are, but I do know it's getting cold.

The whereabouts is Slab City California, you can check it out on youtube. People have been squatting there about 50 years. I'm staying for the winter, perhaps longer with one trip home (New Hampshire) in November or December. There's an open seat if you decide you'd rather be warm for the winter.

I am single, unattached and am like baseball catcher with wild pitchers.
I am 48, childless, living in Boston, MA by Harrison Ave and Berkeley St with over 100 men at present time.
Over weekend previous, single noticeable woman were as absent as guitars at Freedom Rally in Boston Commons...
I sent dozens of requests for a component for performance and none came through.
A bit of double entendre above:)
I did meet Anna, 20 years young soprano student at Berkeley while leaving Boston Commons and she opted not to sing, merely listen and comment to my questions and think to herself. She smiled and let me walk her red nosed pitbull puppy.
Feeling That Way
La Do Da
Bohemian Rhapsody
Under Pressure
Las Palabras De Amor
Who Wants To Live Forever
The last song I sang to Annas puppy as she decided to lay there on the sidewalk
There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dream
And slips away from us
Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever
No one
Anna stood there next to other male Berkeley students, 2 of three are students of music.
Anna had told me she was to meet friends when we were at the Boston Commons.
She and her dog went into her apartment without me as I chatted with the three 18 year old students.
Wherever the apartment is exactly, I know not only that it was close by.
The male's chose not to sing.
Across from them were three other males of same age and the too opted not to sing.
The Trooper
Flight Of Icarus
Fly on your way
Like an eagle
Fly as high as the sun
So I smoked the last of a joint alone remembering that Anna after I had offered her some suggested that I smoke it.
It was so good.
But alas, no concert at the statue steeple hilltop Boston Commons Sunday for the public works promptly hosed it shortly before the show was to commence.
Today? Praying smile emoticon:)
Plenty of ZTE smartphone videos are free and available at mywww.facebook.com/wkmahler profile. Recorded last weekend.
Yesterday, no less than four Anna's approached me of varying ages by way of www.victoriabrides.com all western Europeans
To Bridget "Anna"Durkin (RIP) 2005, you are missed my Irish God mother in law.
Also yesterday if Neal Schon, sole founding member of Journey was actually across the round table in a massive dining room with 100 other men, quickly the Neal Schon of Facebook made his presence known within Facebook.
I compared my two photos to that of Neal Schon on stage in concert. The Journey tour recently ended. But another trek begins?
The Orpheum Theater of Boston may it have an available night for Mahler & Schon? Soon?
Money talks
Suckers walk
You can't touch my three lock box
Soon by end of this month? Latest?
The man across from me didn't have a guitar.
Myself without my key of G Blues Hohner harmonica? It's safely cared and kept in the hands of 15 year old Xayver Rousseau, defensive tackle for the Dennis - Yarmouth Regional High School Dolphins.
When I'm officially dead, my niece Vanessa Nicole Therrien - Mahler is my sole choice to inherit my harmonica. Believe I'm good? She's beyond brilliant!:)
Yesterday I learned that once a bed was assigned and linen distributed no one was allowed to leave the premises unless they chose not to come back until the following day despite the fact it was 1:20 pm.
So, instead of being at 724 Massachusetts Ave, I type at 5:07 am within the Pine Street Inn of Harrison Ave nearby Berkeley Street.
I've been compared to Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and George Cooney.
I am 100% Teresa Gayle Zachar Mahler Forest & Richard Hall Mahler.
Counter terrorism expert I believe of myself
Tis why I ask where Neal Schon was yesterday.
Louis, a BOSS hat wearing, awning making, shipping and receiving employed young man resides at the 724 Massachusetts Ave men's shelter.
President Obama? Louis looks and behaves almost identical to you sir!
I answer only to the 2nd coming of Christ and I've been personal and professional best friends with him since age 16. His brother, Jesus had his own demons as does my friend Terry "Fitzy" Fitzgerald aka 2nd coming of Christ. We've never fought each other, nor wrestled. He is my musical equal as he us a drummer. As his brother Jesus was a carpenter, Terry is too. He resides with his mother in a condominium complex, Hyannis, MA. Terry is also a proud father to a daughter. He's nearing 50.
Last night my song (ASCAP) 09/19/01 "Freedom" was compared
to Bruce Springsteen's 2005 (ASCAP) Grammy nominated song of the year "Devil's & Dust" with nearly 10 in attendance. Unanimously (just the same response by thousands of thousands of listeners in person and millions worldwide) they, last night agree. Same rythyms and same harmonica solo yet my lyrics are different. Bruce's lyrics would no exist without "Freedom". Twins
For the record, Audrey Lee Kelly is a equal author, composer and performer, registered with ASCAP jointly by me as 50/50 (1/2) in ownership of song ,"Freedom"
Bruce? You owe me money and I want it all. As soon as humanly possible.
ASCAP you of all organizations should step in and mediate for Springsteen and I are both members. Last time ASCAP and I spoke of the subject, ASCAP refused to consider being mediator and the duty of royalty collector on my behalf was also refused.
ASCAP's actions led to me almost joining either BMI or SESCAMP.
Today I hope to find good will so I can trade these dirty light blue jeans and t-shirt for similar clothing.
Also today I hope to meet my future bride and know this woman: Upon given and taken chance, I can and will look you directly in your eyes, pull you close in embrace and badly, emotionally, madly, lovingly, sensually and sexually kiss your lips with in seconds to let you know just exactly my intentions future love! smile emoticon:).
I've not kissed the lips of any woman since June 2016 and none as I've described above since 2020.
Word to self. Don't bring up previous relationships.
I've been searching for an entertainment and intellectual property rights attorney and have approached Patti Jones of Boston and three others, one of which charges $400 per hour without a free consultation. I was informed that there are probono attorneys in the area.
As for Adele, Audioslave, Melissa Etheridge, Queen, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Blackmore's Night, U2 and Disney?
Bruce Springsteen is first you are all next.
I can be penniless and trillionessed but my heart and soul, only richer and wiser and unconditionally for one single, unattached woman from anywhere worldwide of whom is currently in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
I'll gladly respond to anyone from this here group not only online, in person too.
"Can you see the real me?"
"Love, reign over me"
The Who
"I'm Gonna love you, rain or shine"
Peter Criss
Within the last 3 hours or so, I've been from the Boston Commons area, singing my songs, "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)", "Merry Christmas To You" & U2's songs "One Tree Hill" & "Trip Through Your Wires" into (by request) "Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen. There were many Asians, Africans, Puerto Ricans, Americans in attendance and at least one person applauded, unseen. As for the retooling of the above songs, it was worth every impromptu, freestyle journey from the statue-steeple hilltop of Boston Commons finally to the Boston Public Library where I sit now typing.
On the way smile emoticon:-)
Thanks to Rose and a few others at the Saint Francis Home here In Boston, my old blue jeans and Red Sox tshirt are now in the trash as I sit here in brand new dark blue jeans, 30" waist (from a 36") and 32" length, a perfect fit. Also, brand new white t-shirt and a grey pull over with a red - blue red collar.
I ate lunch amongst friendly strangers at the Saint Francis Home nearby Boston Commons. I'm definately known here in Boston for who else would I be to these Massachusetts natives and foreigners that knew my songs and well, it was a great lunch.
Earlier this morning, a woman, probably less than 5 feet tall asked me to my face, real close, "wanna hit"? So I replied "of?" and she whispered into my ear "crack" so I shut my mouth and stood straight up. She repeated her question and I waved my hand at the same time she said "it gets me sexual". So, after looking at her rotting teeth, I walked away and ya, the security guards in the area know of her now.
Not my idea of meeting a single, unattached woman for business and pleasure and of course, a long term relationship.
On the way to where I am now, as I sang, people telegraphed me who, what where and well, I got there like a heat hot headed musician on a mission.
I met four dirty, smelling and friendly people, one of whom resembles Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. One woman played banjo as I sang "'39" & "I'm Going Slightly Mad" by Queen. I had intro'd "Daughter" by Pearl Jam upon learning the "Eddie Vedder" twin loves Pearl Jam.
You might, may find, something beyond, that love be so blind..
So, I decided to shoot a 9+ minute video, live as it happened, broadcast via Facebook of "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" and let me tell you, it was without question, the best adventure of the day.
The word "paranoid" is heard by me several times a day, a word, that I "hate" for it is a word I've come to know as a misdiagnosed person and well, there is not one doctor worldwide that would try and diagnose me with that ever again. You do understand the meaning of peace here in the States?
As for someone being "terrified" and by the name of "Chris", another two words I've heard here in Boston Public Library, understand, "terrified" is Christopher Crosby Morris, my former uncle-in-law from May 1989 - March 2008 and the same man of whom photographed me when I was under age of consent, 15 for a series that to this day, I've not been paid at all despite being quite popular then and now, even though, clearly I no longer look like myself at age 15 now 48. Oh, I was nude, naked and unafraid then, never will do that again. Christopher Morris, you PEDOPHILE. You also are responsible for M2 Technologies Inc. official domain, www.m2tech.us and I completely understand why your spouse, my spiritual friend and accomplice since the early 1970's and especially since summer 1984 has a man she calls her true husband. Its also why my now ex-wife, your niece behaved just like Janet. Am divorce now ain't I? YES.
M2 Technologies Inc. is this nations #1 Non Lethal Development, Procurement, Contracting Private Company with resources as simple as making a new song to the elaborate of weather manipulation, EMP, anti ballistic missile lasers, rubber bullets, body cams, thought to though communications and you, me and everyone else can thank those of whom served as civilians to military since the dawn of time. President Obama, ya, you do look like Usama Bin Laden but guess what? You were and are the best President of this century and probably the best for the rest for at least, with rough edges, there's been world wide peace thanks to you and everyone else.
"Show a little faith, there's magic in the night"
"Eden is a beauty and mother natures all right. Oh and that's alright by me." Bruce Springsteen, ya I just did change your words to "Thunder Road"
Now, please, will some willing, honest, single woman please come up and kiss me on the lips between here and Pine Street Inn later on today?
Pulease :-)
William K. Mahler
Hi :)
Hello To You
By W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com
54 Sea Street Ext. Apt. #26
Hyannis, MA. USA 02601
Currently available on:
W. K. Mahler "NetBuds"
2004 - 2015
Written by:
W. K.Mahler, Mahlers.Com
Recorded & Released By:
Currently on:
Adele "25"
July 17, 2004
Oak Neck Cemetery Southside
Old Colony Road
South of ball field & lot
Hyannis, MA. 02601
Part One: Awake July 17
Part Two: Awake By Ten
Part Three: Awake Under
W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com
Online since 1996
Downloads & Streaming
Freely til further word.
The three parts equate to?
Star Wars
Part One:
"The Force Awakens"
The musical harmonica and vocal interludes, movements compared to mid to fast paced film story?!
As for Parts Two & Three
Currently in development?!
Me humbly believing reviewed facts.
And of this writing, I humbly ask you to commence seeking interested attorney(s) of local to international entertainment law to be paid upon reward by private and or public coordination of legal distribution of current withheld past, present and future royalties from Adele & Disney to me, William K. Mahler dba W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com, originator of music dealt by me to Adele and Adele's management and the creative partners of Lucas Arts & Disney.
Hey not only financial gain but advice for living and loving I seek :)
Willingly I will share any monetary funds per receivership paid directly to me with agreed upon contracted future legal aid of whom shall use their own self funding to procure my past, present & future earnings.
Not only works of mine mentioned here previously but also works since 1998 directly influencing Bruce Springsteen, U2, Melissa Etheridge, Blackmore's Night, Van Halen, Audioslave, Queen, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Beyonce, Janet E. Morris, Christopher C. Morris, M2 Technologies Inc., Paradise Productions, Peter Hegre, WOMP, the White House, Rip It Energy drink, Leonda.Com.Au & Mahlers.Com.Au
Any dissemination and discussion from freely obtainable resources to silence disbelievers, doubters and naysayers regarding my claims and above listed parties, there is conclusive plausible traceable evidence under the name / search term belonging to me as, "W.K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com", "mahlerscom", "wkmahler", "William K. Mahler", "WKMahler", "ZacharKK" & "LKMWKM" may be found via varying given and responded direct and indirect defending above referenced artist(s), civilian and government phone conversations, emails, goods and products written of at websites and beyond including traceable sources beginning with and not limited to:www.mahlers.com, www.facebook.com,www.williamkeithmahler.org,www.yahoogroups.com &www.googlegroups.com from as far back as 1996 to present year 2016.
.. In brief,
I've not been paid at all for my creative services and seek financial restitution by the help of contracted legal assistance and council found in part by you whom choose to freely assist me in obtaining said services paid in fully after full recognition and financial restitution is paid to me, William K. Mahler by the defending parties.
I've come to believe that there are friends of whom have known me during the best and worst of my times and have chosen not to and chosen to stay on my side. You know who you are.
I've played the rolls similar to "Undercover Boss" and "fan" since 1984 to know my rights, as if yet deeply owed financial payments and public recognition due me.
And with your help effective immediately I am also seeking a home and female companionship leading to a LTR.
Thank you
William K. Mahler


I hope I can type :-) There's typing correct English, then there is the constant back up and retype as I have been doing. Much like I've been listening and communicating with those here in the Boston Public Library and I let my fingers do the real language complete with "spelling errors" LOL.

I held a hour long or so conversation via the public "play me" piano located outside the front doors to the library and must admit, as much as I could foresee and play the destiny of the immediate vicinity and persons around me, it was also done unto me. :-)

Days ago, I decided never to perform a Bruce Springsteen song again (long story) but I found myself free styling and improvising upon his "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" for most of the time prior to being in here typing to you. Mixed within were songs such as "Human Touch", "Life Is Real", "Play The Game", "Racing In The Street", "Under Pressure", "Another One Bites The Dust", "Body Language", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and a few of my own original songs "Sister I Believe", "Without Any Trace". So, perhaps Mr. Springsteen is due compensation for usage of his songs as Queen is due too. Yet, they equally owe me too ;-)

There were a few songs that I had opened my ears to and heard the titles too from complete strangers, almost as if they were requests yet I was prior to them speaking aloud, considering performing the songs.

I had fun with a small boy named Patrick holding his right hand and fingers gently pressing them to the piano keys as with one hand I played "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out".

Tear drops on the city
Bad Patrick searching for his groove
Seems like the whole worlds walking pretty
And he can't find the room to move
Well every body better move that's all
Cause Patrick & Billy got their backs to the wall

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out

The two attached photos of you Nicole, at first sight, I thought to myself aloud I spoke too that both photos could be one in the same yet could be two different people.

Yesterday I shot a video of a young woman, much like the first photo you supplied, the one from within a auto. She was barefoot laying on a blanket outside the library wearing a dark grey khaki t shirt and black shorts. So, I sang "One Year Of Love" into my song "I'm Coming Home" and soon thereafter, I dedicated the video (which had been a live broadcast via Facebook) and it was shared worldwide. Not too long after, her female friend or lover? Well, her friend arrived and well, she looks much like the person (you) in the second photo yet with a different expression.

So, I must admit, my own photos as such within my Facebook profile, www.facebook.com/wkmahler, the first 5 or so, none of them appear to be the same individual and yet it is truly I, one in the same.

At the age of 48, that I am now, I suppose I wouldn't recognize myself next to a photo of myself from the age of 18, my high school twelfth grade senior year photo.

So, I believe, you are who you write that you are and both photos are really you.

Please know, that overtime, legit persons are hard to come by via email especially when I've learned since first online circa 1996 or so. Spam folders get filled with all sorts of good intentions yet rarely, do any single good honest women know fully just exactly what I meant by a direct line of communication. Until you :-)

Familiar with Jessica Springsteen? The "fired' boss's daughter?

As myself, I was referred to looking much like George Clooney :-) yesterday, within 48 hours or less from posting upon Facebook of my features of face as George has. Am bald atop this brown and gray hair, unlike George. Perhaps true he wears a toupee? LOL!!!

Compassion deserves reaction! Commands attraction much like Peter Pans shadow :-) What comes around goes around.

So, as I had requested while playing piano, "somebody light me a cigarette". Soon after, a young man walked up in front of me and lit a cigarette. He smoked it, not me. Who's me? I am everybody, we are one, under the sun! A little while later, I said aloud, "somebody drop me a fifty dollar bill in front of me, ME". No one did - yet :-)

If I were facing 12 o'clock, at 2 o'clock there sits a man that sometimes expresses himself so I recognize Bob Lobel, former CBS4 sports broadcaster only much younger than Bob is now.

I see your true colors shining through
Your true colors and that's why I love you so don't be afraid to let 'em show
Your true colors, true colors
Your beautiful
Like a rainbow

(Thank you Cyndi Lauper)

"Could that be Mrs. Janet Morris" was asked aloud in front of me moments ago.
Then after, a woman whom is not truly Janet Morris yet could be her, is her soul sister sat down at 3 minutes past noon.

..it's 11:22 a.m. LOL.

My heart is an open book and I don't mind at all :-)

When we're alone
With the spirits who listen and talk
We may decide
On our eternal walk

Been doing that now for quite a long long time, how about you Nicole?

..Janet Morris is my ex-aunt-in-law and has been my business partner since summer 1984, together we co-founded M2 Technologies Inc.
M1 was and is my late great grandfather, Gustav Mahler, I am M2, William Mahler :-)
Of course, there's is Janet & Chris Morris, 2M's!
M2 aka me too, Morris too.

I should have been in a rush to finish many pertinent things like pay my cellphone bill yesterday :-) Haven't done it yet.

I should've have been in a rush to drop my hat on the ground and let it be filled up with much money but haven't done that.

Rush is my favorite Canadian progressive band, they and Triumph, more of a classic rock and roll band. Both bands are from Canada.

As for God fearing men, I fear nothing from God for he is no one to fear until I stop being totally honest with he, God.
His first son, Jesus, well you know his story.
As for his second son, the second coming of Christ?


While here in Fall River, MA. I've come to know some interesting characters.
I wrote the following below yesterday trying to drum up new business yet I understand, no "spamming' allowed here.

So, moderator, if this gets through, thank you. If not, I understand.

To you reading this, please know it to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God.


My name is William K. Mahler, 48, currently residing in Fall River at least until September 12, 2016 (unless otherwise something comes up).

I've been a "non lethals" expert since summer 1984.

What is "non-lethals"?
Anything from rubber bullets, EMP, nets, inviso camo to laser systems capable of destroying ballistic missiles as well as weather interference, the objective is to keep from killing anyone at all. Simply put, kept alive.

I am a proud co-founder of M2 Technologies Inc. (online since 1995) based out of Centerville, MA. USA. along with my ex-aunt and uncle in -laws CEO Janet & VP Christopher Morris.


The three of us along with countless other paid and volunteer staffers have provided logistics, planning and more for civilians to the POTUS and many leaders in between worldwide especially since September 11, 2001.

Pre dawn September 11, 2001 I alone spent over 3 hours with twenty individuals of whom chose to be with me in private out of several hundred middle easteners while in a text based IRC chat room. Out of those twenty, one left during my "chat".

Later that day, out of twenty terrorists, only 19 went to their deaths. One remains in federal prison.

As far back as August of the same year, the activities of then, "dormant" and "innocent" middle easterns were trafficking my domain, mahlers.com.

That fateful day I liken to state was a double bloody nose, broken rib cage and head first thrust in the dirt, a bad beating.

Nothing like nuclear war..

"The 40 Minute War" is about September 11, 2001 and the book, a sci-fi-thriller book was co-authored by Janet & Chris Morris (with a bit of help from me). It was released in 1984.

By 1989, I had officially wed, Leonda Emmerich and we stayed married until March 2008. Leonda is Janet's niece and has remarried since then.

Leonda can attest to the absolute cold, unblinking, unremorseful, calculating, first strike serious nature of this business . I am most happy she has found someone whom is not like me and I am all business all the time.

Well, not all the time :-)

Yes, all the time.

As a musician, I can safely say you will never ever come to know music more intimately until you have heard me.


38 songs, 200+ minutes long, 35 originals & 3 covers.

The music there is justifiably the best music to come out of America since my great grandfather Gustav Mahler was here in the USA, early 1910. My music has the "song of the century" and according to President Barack Obama, we will not face another storm of the century, until next century.

"Merry Christmas To You", 3:47 in length, created in one take while recorded and released worldwide less than 24 hours prior to the south eastern tsunami of 2004 that killed 350,000 people, is solely my song yet belongs to everyone including you.

"These waves are crashing down and all I remember is, lying on the ground".

From the start and sound of the microphone used to record the song being turned on, (two bumps/clicks) to the final moments of my key of G harmonica being played like waves spreading out into the south east Asian continental area, the entire song was and still is available prior to Pope John II being finished with Christmas Eve Mass. I sent out in excess of 200+ news and email messages about my accomplishment yet sadly, the one region with little notification notice that night (due to the inaccessibility of the internet) is the same region that has more than millions of warning beacons now floating in the oceans from Australia to as far as South Africa all the way to north of Japan.

I've been involved with real estate since age one and as of now, my personal and professional "uncle" Richard A. Brown of D&B Realty of West Yarmouth, MA. fully knows exactly how we perceive real estate. Although in physical size, D&B Realty is small with dozens of rentals located on Cape Cod, Richards business, owned and operated since 1970 has grown huge in the middle east. Please find DB Realty in Facebook, here:

The street address is 628 Route 28, West Yarmouth, MA. USA 02673 with the landline address of show contact info The internet web address is here: www.dbrealty.co.in and both addresses are listed within the Facebook page listed above. Not too long after 2000, I approached the people of Mubia online to work in conjunction with Richard and myself and now, there are 46+ towers in Mubia that make our NYC Freedom tower look like a single story home :-)

Yet, a simple room rental on Cape Cod, a room in a home to reside in for one month costs at least $450 compared to a apartment rental off Cape Cod for less than $450.

Not only am I adept at non-lethals, music and real estate, I've been able to voice train, speech train, landscape train, culinary arts train, drive-train and more including psychological services without a so called "formal education". Define that :-) Go ahead, I'm willing to wait.

If you are serious about "beefing up" your current situation, contact me. My rates start at zero to billions and that can be or not be cash or credit or simple bartering.

References? You want references?

President Barack Obama
President George Bush I
President George Bush II
President William Clinton
Air Force
Coast Guard
Virginia State Police
Massachusetts State Police
Any police station on Cape Cod
MA Air National Guard
Bruce Springsteen
Queen + Paul Rodgers
Melissa Etheridge
Blackmore's Night
Van Halen
Dan Langlais
Audrey Kelly
Siobhan Magnus
Richard Brown
Daniel Emmerich
Leonda (Emmerich) Pacheco
Janet Morris
Christopher Morris.
Richard Mahler
Thomas Forest
...............................just for starters.


William K. Mahler
From 7 am - 5 pm est 24/7/365 online/phone/email but always on duty.
W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com via www.yahoogroups.com & www.googlegroups.com

Mrs. Michelle Obama, "Teresa" is your twin! Perhaps today at the Boston Public Library she'll be Mother Teresa once again?!

YES :-)


Ya, you can outlast me in any match, that's why I am O Positive, as Kathy Williams is a fact!

Somebody told me what I was thinking of
Somebody told me the
Words Called Love

Originally from William Keith Mahler & Kathy Williams. (& You Too :-)
For U2

(#1 Single of the year & #1 song of U2's career since "How To Dismantle ANAtomic Bomb")

"Love somebody? Set that person free, returns, meant to be, if not, destiny."

3:24 PM EST. September 29, 2016: Memories of my brother Troy and I "catching the rainbow" and speaking the lyrics of "MC16" realizing that these lyrics traveled from me, William K. Mahler before the Japanese had them prior to World War Two, while my Uncle James W. Mahler was "separate" from his love of his life, singing the lyrics to his fellow marines in Vietnam, prior to his death, Da Nang Province 1963, unto and through my mother Teresa (now) Forest, to the moment both my grandparents Harold & Elizabeth Mahler spoke from the heart the lyrics to me, to my father Richard Mahler prior to my parents divorce circa 1980, to the month of June 2016 when the "dart I held in my hand missed the board" entirely also known as Janet Morris & Hillary Clinton 2016, to the moments of remembering Terry Fitzgerald, Kathy Fitzgerald and both witnessing these lyrics from me to them, back and forth again, finally to Kathy Williams (of Houston Texas), to the many beautiful friends here today at the Boston Public Library, to you.

By William Keith Mahler
& Ms. Kathy Williams
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id ... 92&fref=ts
10:02 A.M. EST September 29, 2016
For U2.

& YOU TOO :-)

xyst (zɪst) , xystus or xystos n 1. (Architecture) a long portico, esp one used in ancient Greece for athletics 2. (Architecture) (in ancient Rome) a covered garden walk or one lined with trees [C17: from Latin xystus, from Greek xustos, literally: smoothed, polished (area), from xuein to scrape, make smooth] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

William K. Mahler http://discuss.queenonline.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=7746

Do you know why I love you?
Sealed with a kiss on your nose to the grave
I've been dealt a proposal I must play
Do you, insist on silence today
I've been awaiting your words someway

I do believe
In reprieve
For the roles of xyst yearnings displayed

Dance, me? Yes I did misbehave.
Poles apart, from the center of my heart I say
Start, riding the train without delay
Hay, is the bed of roses I must lay
You, will you join me to pray
Yes our child will be wild what must we delay
I've been kissed on your nose not betrayed
Stay, inside my heart for a long time contemplate
Kept alive truth hears your words instep love lives in all my soul

Do you, know why I love you?
Sealed with a kiss on your nose to the grave
I've been dealt a proposal I must play
Do you, insist on silence today
I've been awaiting your words someway

Do you believe
That magic is real in these days
And nights are true Knights anways
I am, the true king of your heart my queen
Dream, for you there's a kindling fire of desire hooray!
Spark me, upwards and higher from rain I'll be drier
And while you,
Guide my spirit I'll revolve and solve your questions this may
The dream of your scene I'll will scream I am screaming
I am teaming our way to
Place we know is Heaven and way, to
A place of our fathers and mothers,
Bold, you
Can I deliver
Your love
I will consider the role
Saint and or sinner

Exist as a thorn of a stem of
A kiss by a rose
No harm shall come upon you
If you,
Do you know why I love you?
Sealed with a kiss on our noses to the grave
I've been dealt a proposal I must play
Do you, insist on silence today
I've been
Awaiting your words someway

To you,
Mightily conceive one sense of this scene
I do
Love you dearly
It seems
This song is never ending for you do,
Musicality existing fluidly weaving in tyme and I
find the meaning of love is
Never blinded by blinds and I might be
Somewhere behind you as I am designed
Moonlight and sunshine
Truly love is